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Tech Crunching In 2021? See What's Under The Hood Of New jSilvestri.com

Making Updates To The New 2021 jSilvestri.com Cloud-based Website on Dec 26, 27 & 28, 2020. If 403 Blue, Don't Undo!

Without a doubt, the new jSilvestri.com website is one of the first 2021 websites on the web in the personal branding, web development and social media spaces! With that comes an epic use of some of the most state of the art web technologies on the planet! Plus, with companies like Microsoft and their Azure team helping me work out the quirks of the Asp.NET Core servers and services I am using, 2021 is already looking extremely positive!

Primary Overview

This article describes the new and awesome web technologies currently being used to the develop the brand new 2021 www.jSilvestri.com website!

What's Under The Hood?

One of the most common questions I am being asked right now is, “what’s under the hood of jSilvestri.com 2021?” The new BETA 2021 website - the website you see here - was created with responsive web design for mobile experiences and parallax support directly in mind. I wanted to make sure that former clients, prospects and future employers could get a lot out of understanding how I can help them in 2021 just by visiting my website. I also wanted to make sure their user experience was similar and cutting-edge across most major smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

The actual technologies I used to develop my new 2021 website are Asp.NET Core, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Entity Framework, Web API, SQL Server and AngularJS, to name a few. Not all technologies have features currently live with the build you see here, but all these technologies are being used right now to create the features that make up the current and near future features of my website. For example, I am building a new blog feature in AngularJS and .NET Web API that is not yet on the new Jason Silvestri 2022 website. There are many more features being released throughout 2021 too. Stay tuned!

In Closing

There are many technologies out there being used to developed everything from the simplest website, to some of the most complex and useful web applications and mobile apps on Earth! The new www.jSilvestri.com website happens to use a lot of these apex technologies.

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