Q. Are you On-The-Market?

If you are a recruiting firm or talent acquisition firm looking to acquire my experience to support a client initiative, I have created a special place just for you, where you can check my market status, download my resume and more! Please visit, "Candidate Common Occupation Details ".

Q. What development technologies were used to create your new 2022 website?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked right now. The new BETA 2022 website - the website you see here - was created with responsive web design for mobile experiences and parallax support directly in mind. I wanted to make sure that former clients, prospects and future employers could get a lot out of understanding how I can help them in 2022 just by visiting my website. I also wanted to make sure their user experience was similar and cutting-edge across most major smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

The actual technologies I used to develop my new 2022 website are Asp.NET Core, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery, Entity Framework, Web API, SQL Server and AngularJS. Not all technologies have features currently live with the build you see here, but all these technologies are being used right now to create the features that make up the current and near future features of my website.

Q. What development technologies are the best for developing a website or web application?

That greatly depends on the technology stack and what you are trying to achieve. Some people are IIS, Microsoft, etc. Others are Java or PHP on Apache/Tomcat and some developers still use Python and Ruby, which aren’t the best technologies for more complex web applications. These technologies can access databases such as SQL, MySQL, Oracle and NoSQL databases respectfully. Me personally, on the server side, I am heavy in Microsoft technologies (Asp.NET WebForms/MVC, LINQ, SQL Server, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, SignalR & Web API). However, I have used PHP for years, especially using WordPress. In fact, one of the forms on my new 2022 website is PHP). I also used Java throughout time. In my opinion, as long as a technology has been battle tested, is secure and provides new and innovative ways to build applications effectively, a person or business trying to find someone to build them a website, web application or software will be in good hands with the right help. All my modern developments are Asp.NET 4.6.1 and Core on the Server-side. On the Client-Side, I believe all modern websites and web applications today should, at a minimum, use HTML5 & CSS3 to develop each website or web application to be a responsive web design by nature (i.e. mobile friendly). I also use Bootstrap for quick web architecting, and use technologies like AngularJS and jQuery to finish off any web service and/or RESTful operations, as well as the bells and whistles.

Q. Is an attractive design necessary for a website?

Absolutely! 98% of all people viewing this site, are viewing a site that looks pretty cutting-edge if I were asked my opinion. However, if you viewed this website any day before Dec 22, 2016, I had a temporary site that was literally growing grass from the corners of it. It was dated, and uneventful. An attractive website and/or web application must now look great, and work on most smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers to boot.

Q. Can you give a free consultation on an new or existing website or web application?

I have no problem answering a few questions for a person or business seeking help on a simple issue, and help determine what it will take. Rarely can I do a deep investigation of a current complex development while I am in the middle of a project without some sort of compensation. You can always get my attention on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by using my contact page here.

Q. Do you develop websites for online shops?

Yes, of course. Website, web applications, shopping carts, E-commerce sites, etc. Feel free to review my services page here to review technologies I use to develop websites and web applications.

Q. How can I optimize my website for search engines?

There are several ways to update your website to be search engine friendly. You want to start with meta tags, content changing and good links to relative content. If you need help with SEO, I do make most website and web application search engine ready when I develop them. For advanced search engine optimization services, I can talk to you About the most common and refer you to some good places.

Q. Do you conduct some kind of webinars for young web designers?

Not anymore, but I miss it. I use to do speaking engagements and a bunch of complimentary social media support for personal brands and entrepreneurs. I do plan to revisit it all, I do have some old, but relatively useful videos on YouTube you can check out, and I do have some new 2022 videos coming!

Q. Can I order a logo design for my website?

Yes and No. I am primarily a web application developer and solution architect, and often work on much bigger projects. If I am not busy, I can create a logo for a few hundred bucks in particular situations, but even then, I much rather refer you to a far better designer than I for small projects.

Q. How can I get support for a website designed by your company?

The best thing you can do is reach out to me or my assistant directly, by visiting my contact page here and reaching out! Typically, I focus on the full development of a website or web application.

Q. How much do you charge for services?

How much I charge for services greatly depends on the answers to some questions. Who is approaching me - person or business? How many technologies are needed to complete the project? Our we talking W2, 1099, sole proprietor or C2C (Corp-to-Corp) project? Is a recruiter or talent acquisition specialist reaching out or is it a client or an employer looking to fill a contract or full time role?

The best thing I could recommend is to visit my pricing page here and see what my latest pricing looks like for 2022.