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Responsive Design (Mobile)

Every page on my 2022 website is 100% responsive by nature; (mobile-friendly) web designs just like my previous websites. View this site on most smart phones, tablets and desktop computer screens!

Web Solution Architect

With complex web applications and software, comes complex solution architecture of project and process. Half of my almost-two-decades in the field is architecting for startups & Fortune 500-5000 companies.

Advanced Technologies

I use a wide range of web and mobile technologies such as Asp.net & Asp.NET Core, MVC, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL Server, Web API, & AngularJS.

Azure Cloud Computing

jSilvestri.com is powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing. Although I do still work within on-premise hosting machines, most of my projects and client projects are going to the cloud. You should too.

parallax support

The website you are reviewing right now is what we call a parallax styled website. You'll notice the effect when scrolling, but get an advanced concept of a laptop image appear in the background.

Creative Design

Creative Design is a necessary skill for every modern development. Even though I practice it less than my other skills, I can hold my own as you can see. I created all media with Photoshop, some Illustrator & After Effects.

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