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Jason Silvestri, Lead, Sr. Web Software Engineer & Developer, On Asp(.NET) Core 6 & Blazor (2022), How It's Faster Than Java, NodeJS and More, and Why It Has his Fullest Attention

Jason Silvestri 2022 - Jason On Jason Silvestri On Talent Acquisition To Final Offer Lifecycle Process Workflow States!

Asp.NET Core 6 & Blazor, are now a force no one can ignore, being 7x faster than Java, NodeJS & many other web-based technologies.

Primary Overview

Asp.NET Core 6 & Blazor, are now a force no one can ignore, being 7x faster than Java, NodeJS & many other web-based technologies. Asp.NET has made several, beneficial upgrades throughout the past decade and a half, and even if developers did not see it then, they see it now!

Why is Asp.NET Core 6 (2022) 7x Faster than Java, NodeJS & More?

Being a full-stack developer, I am often responsible for the co-development of the full lifecycle process of a software and/or web application project development. I use a large array of technologies, so developing Lifecycles and Workflows that completely encompass the Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process is a very natural thing, given how much I work with recruiters and talent acquisition specialists in between contracts and/or full time positions.

Asp.NET Core 6 (2022) & Blazor, however, has changed the game in web development! Asp.NET Core is now faster than Java Servlet Pages ever were. Just blew by NodeJS, and combines the best of all .NET Advancements under one technology to do it all 7 times faster to boot!

In Closing

There are many ways in which Asp.NET Core is changing the game. I am not surprised, though. I have been developing in Asp.NET technologies using VB, C#, MVC, Razor, etc,. etc., since 2005, and have always loved the advancements. The company structure I look for is that of a relatively stable environment, with an engaging philosophy, smart & collaborative teams, and a friendly-but-firm culture. Moreover, I have created a section on my website aimed at providing prospect clients, employers, recruiting firms and talent acquisition specialists a better way to obtain Candidate Common Occupation Details needed for most roles, such as my latest 2022 resumes, desired locations, citizenship & more! Go to this website section NOW!

Updates Since Article Creation

In the process of adding the who, how, what, when and why of this article. Will make updates to this section to this article on 07/05/2022.

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