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Introduction (IMPORTANT Read for Best Results in Reaching Me)

Over 90% of all common information a recruiting firm or talent acquisition specialist looks for from a candidate like me, can be found on this page. From U.S Citizenship, Salary/Rate Demands & desired locations, two copies of my resume (e.g., in Word & PDF format), latest contact information & more! Given the current spike in work offer solicitations I am handling, making it difficult to reach me right away, you will find this section of my application quite useful.

It could take 24-72 hours for me to respond, due to MUCH higher-than-normal call and email volume today, . It is extremely important that you review this page's content before attempting to contact me directly. Why, you ask? The amount of useful and accurate information found here can easily conclude the initial phases of your hiring/project benchmarking workflow process.

Taking just 5 minutes or less to review the details below is guaranteed to save you hours - even days - trying to hunt me down for the very same information.


Are You ON-the-Market/Available for Work?!

YES! As of , I am available to take on new work either by working Freelancer Consultant, 1099 Contractor and maybe even Full-Time again after a 3-6 contract so both sides can see how things go with respects to web software engineering.


What Is Your Vaccination Status Against the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic?!!

Current Vaccination Status: Vaccinated

As of 09/15/2021, I am fully vaccinated against the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.


Get Jason's Latest 2022 Resume

I have two primary versions of my 2022 resume available for download; PDF for easier read and Word in the event you do not have Adobe PDF based software.

Choose from one of the following downloads if you are an employer:

NEW! Are you part of a staffing firm? Download my new 2022 template resume, which allows you to easily add your branding information instead of mine:


Primary Objectives: Company Structure

The company structure I look for is that of a relatively stable environment, with an engaging philosophy, smart & collaborative teams, and a friendly-but-firm culture. At the end of the day, I want to be helping co-develop cutting-edge software, mobile & web applications that make a difference to its consumers.

Feel free to visit the Desired Job Types/Positions & Current Titles section on this page for further explanation.


Interview Does and Don’ts: Code Tests, Demos of Client Proprietary & More

As we all know, a lot can go on in an interview. In fact, I embrace most activites and I am open to most things, including meeting with several team members at once (F2F or remotely), answering dozens of questions, and/or reviewing code logic.
Conversely, I do not do, nor appreciate, surprise code tests on the fly. There are too many possible negative variables right out of the gate. For starters, if your developers are using a particular technology or design pattern regualrly, that does not mean I have been the past couple days, weeks or even months. As Sr. Developers, we are often jumping around to features in a project that could be what has been all one of us are doing for days or weeks. However, if your developer is willing to write out logic and request I explain what it does, I will do that. I will also build code logic, an app and/or services specific to your open position, using my own IDEs, tools, and/or feature sets I am familar with before or after an interview. Lastly, I do not show any previous or current client proprietary software.


Existing Clients

I have wrapped up most client obligations for 2022. At the same time, though, I know some of you will continue to need support until we conclude the latest efforts in the automation of your business workflows and lifecycle processes.

Feel free to contact me when you are ready and need assistance.



I am not currently investing in any type of paid advertising. However, it is possible that you found me through some form of an old advert. Maybe I was recommended to you by a friend. It could be that you simply saw a post on LinkedIn or Twitter. However you found me, I certainly appreciate the visit and welcome to my brand new 2022 website!

I am actively engaging prospects who have small projects they need to be accomplished. Conversely, I don't have any plans in the near future to participate in the normal 1-2 year, massive, software and/or web application development campaigns I am known for doing. There would need to be an attractive price tag on the project for me to reconsider taking on a bigger project right now.

In fact, I have a very particular target job type this summer. To learn more, see the Desired Job Types/Positions & Current Titles section on this page. Otherwise, feel free to review my current pricing for help on those smaller projects.


Direct-Hire Employers

If you are a Hiring Manager or HR Representative requesting additional occupation details from me and/or have feedback on a phone screen or interview I recently had with your company, please know that you have already been bumped up to the top of my call back list by default! I will be reaching back out to you sooner than everyone else.

If this is the first time you are contacting me, please feel free to contact me directly at any time!


Recruiters & Talent Acquisition Specialists

As you know, there is a laundry list of details (common occupation details really) firms like your's prefer to gather from potential candidates such as myself before getting too deep in the enrollment process, such as obtaining my resume, salary or rate expectations, etc. So, why wait for me to respond?!

Take advantage of this section

It is highly recommended you continue to scroll through the information found on this page, because it is almost everything you'll want from me to get things started - and then some.

See how Irrelevant Roles are Affecting Role Placement & Response Time

In addition, if you want to help reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to the average person, please pass this section around to your colleagues: Irrelevant Roles: How It's Affecting Role Placement & Response Time.

NEW! See Game Changing Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process

New!... Recruiters, talent acquisition specialists and potential employers alike will NOT want to miss this new post on, Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process!


NEW Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process

I take working with Recruiting Firms & Talent Acquisition Specialists very seriously. In fact, I can prove it!

I have recently created a complex, lifecycle process, with various, sophisticated workflow states, each representing real-life action items and steps I perform with each recruiter & talent acquisition specialist I work with, from the moment I am, quote on quote, “On-the-Market”, until I am accepting a “Final Offer Letter” from one of their clients (and/or in rare cases, the potential employer directly).

I invented this complex, lifecycle, called, “Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process” which is a derivative of my custom LGLP (Lead Generation Lifecycle Process), to show recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, and potential employers just how serious I am about the process.

Please visit the section of my web-mobile application, entitled, “ Jason Silvestri on the Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process” for more details.


Where are You at with the Hiring Process?

My door for new opportunities is closing. Please refer to the Are you ON-the-Market/Available for Work?! section for more details.


Best Time to Call & Current Response Time

Best Time To Call
Normally, I am best available from 11 am to 4 pm, Monday - Friday, unless you are a hiring manager reaching out. In the case of hiring managers making a request, I am committing to the next available time that works best for you regarding most Phone Screens, F2F Interviews & Start Dates.
Current Response Time
It currently takes me between 24-72 hours to respond to most people right now because I'm currently experiencing heavier-than-normal volume (at least 100 phone calls & emails a day). Please see Irrelevant Roles: How It's Affecting Role Placement & Response Time for more details.
How NOT to Get Me to Respond
Being one person, I understand, and also tolerate, the same person calling multiple times a day. It's one of the only ways to break through the noise. However, it MUST be no less than 30-60 minute intervals. If I see a number call multiple times in a row, not only do I not answer, but I block the number too. Nine times out of ten, I am on the other line with an existing client, new hiring manager or another recruiter. Respect my time and I'll respect yours.


What Are Your Primary Skills? What technology Stack is your focus?

In Terms of the technology stack, it would be Microsoft when all is said and done. However, I don't want to sell myself short either.

I have over 40 different web technologies, IDEs, Design Patterns, and Graphic/video designers under my belt. I tend to only preach About my primary, current, strengths, though, which range from Asp.NET 2.0 through Core, HTML5, CSS, C#/VB.NET, WebForms, Razor & MVC, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL Server, jQuery and even some AngularJS, to other areas of web development such as responsive web design (mobile friendly), parallax web/mobile architecting, multi-threaded applications, SaaS, Ajax, JSON, Web Services, Web API & more!

Feel free to review my services page to get a more in-depth look into the technologies I support today.


Desired Job Types/Positions & Current Titles

Current Desired Job Type/Position
My primary focus today is obtaining a full-time role with an amazing company that became amazing culturally, financially & creatively. Yes, I will still take Contracts and/or Consulting positions with the right company if my hunt for Full-Time roles is unsuccessful by June, 2022. Full-Time roles simply supersede ALL other roles at this time. Find out why via the In-Closing section.
Current Job Title
The titles you most often see companies throw on my name tags these days are "Sr. Software Engineer", "Solution Architect" & "Web Application Developer".
Job Titles I'll Entertain
I do have former Project Manager experience, in addition to my current work towards certificates at BCC next fall. With the right company, I would entertain a Jr. Project Manager role, in anticipation I would still be very hands-on; very engaged in the development of software, mobile & web application experiences. I suggest Jr. Project Manager, because I don't think you can truly be the most effective Sr. Project Manager being as hands-on as I want to be still, while also managing the complexities of a project.


Irrelevant Roles: How They're Affecting Role Placement & Response Time

Believe it or not, out of the hundreds of emails that get sent to me every week (About 100 a day), over 93% of those are related to job offers in some form. Out of that 93%, however, a mind-boggling 90% of the roles are either irrelevant to my skill sets or not located in a place I am willing to relocate to at this time (at least not at the realistic salary/rate and/or relocation packages I require). Now, it is one thing if my experience was not in-high-demand. It's also another if I had a lack of actual skill in those in-high-demand sectors. The numbers would all make sense, then. Unfortunately, the problem is neither.

The underlining root issue on relevant role conversation has to do with certain recruiters and talent acquisition specialists not doing enough discovery on me and/or lack of proper pairing of candidate-to-job-requirement before dropping that auto email or phone call to me. Moreover, It's not fair to the recruiters and talent acquisition specialists I know that work so hard to make the relevant coupling, and what's worse, it is becoming difficult to put my attention to firms pitching me relevant roles. Quite frankly, it is the whole purpose of the creation of this page.

I ask that recruiters and talent acquisition specialists that see this section and who are in fact reaching out blindly start taking a little bit of time to research the potential candidates you send requirements to. If not me this time, then next time. Please help reduce the noise so I can better work with your fellow specialists in your field.


Rates & Salary

Hourly Rate in Massachusetts
$80h-$100h, but will negotiate (must be fair/could; rates are more out-of-state)
Salary in Massachusetts
$130K-$160K, but will negotiate (must be fair/could; salary is more out-of-state)
For the most accurate rates, please see current pricing at any time! If all you are doing is waiting for a rate confirmation, see the How to Best Handle Rate & Salary Confirmations section for more details.


Location, Location, Relocation!

Current Location
Mansfield, Massachusetts
Will Relocate
Yes (Min $6K+ Relocation Package). I will relocate to California, (San Diego, San Francisco or Silicon Valley ONLY). Any other location in the United States of American would require additional incentives.


Travel and Commute

Will Travel
How Much Travel
Less than or equal to 50%
Current/Most Recent Commute
Trip Start: Mansfield, Massachusetts
Trip End: Waltham, Massachusetts
Trip Length: This was a 1 hour and 30-minute commute in the morning (traffic included). It took even longer at night. I did it almost every day for over a year.


Work Authorization

US Citizen Born & Raised


Day/Evening Phone Numbers

Please keep in mind when calling that the Best Time to Call & Current Response Time greatly depends on the phone call and email volumes.


Phone Screens, F2F Interviews & Start Dates

Earliest availability for Phone Screen
24 hrs
Earliest availability On-Site interview
48-72 hrs
Start Date


Birth Date

Born in 1979. Will provide full birthday to the direct hiring employer.


How to Best Handle Rate & Salary Confirmations

Although this page has just About every piece of occupation details required to submit me to your clients, one thing you can't just throw up on a facts page is a rate confirmation. It takes both sides. What is worse is that it may be the only thing that remains on your checklist of things to do before submitting my resume to your clients.

The best way to handle a rate confirmation at this time is to contact me online or email me with the subject line titled, "Jason, Final Rate Confirmation Required"! Messages like this get special attention and I look for them while sifting through the dozens and dozens of messages I receive each day.


Background Checks & Drug Tests

Most work I do is either classified, HIPPA Compliment and/or highly regulated in some form. I will do any background check and/or drug tests asked of me.


Last 4 Digits of my Social Security Number

I'm sorry, but I do NOT provide such sensitive information for any job requirement. I know a lot of big brands ask for it these days to initially enter me as a candidate in their system(s), but we'd have to find another way. Only firms I absolutely trust can obtain such information. Even then, it would need to be further into the process (i.e. during the background check process).


Obtaining My References (Rules of Engagement)

I have one-to-many references from just About every job and/or project I have ever worked on. Aside from doing a good job, there is another reason for that. I don't just serve my references up to fill lead lists. I only provide my references at the final stages of the interview process, to reserve my privilege of being able to use them and to respect their time, privacy and policy.


In Closing - Do Full-Time Roles Truly Supersede ALL Others?

As mentioned early on in the details of this page, my primary focus today is, in fact, obtaining a full-time role with an amazing company. Yes, I will take Full-Time, Contracts and/or Consulting positions. In fact, the latter half of my career has been successfully consulting on contracts working with some of the best startups & Fortune 500 clients in the World! I didn't get there easily, though. I have earned my scars, and have been blessed with opportunities that compliment my hard work and extreme dedication in the field these past 18 years. Truly humbling to think About, and I am happy to have worked with some great individuals in the process.

In a very near future interview with me, you may ask, "Jason... Full-time?! Why Now?" Well, there really are many reasons. The reason that is at the forefront of my mind while writing this is family (them coming first wasn't always the case). Between the family-like relationships, I forged on my latest contract, to my actual family of 5 growing faster than I can continue saving for their college funds, the stability of a lifetime career is not only important now, but warmly welcome. Trust me, the thrill of the hunt is still very strong! It always has been. Conversely, it might not be 10-15 years from now.

Much like a boxer retiring with their title, I want to make a game-changing move before I actually need to in one way or another. For example, I don't want to be that 50-60-year-old contractor I see more and more every day now, sitting there at the oddball table, wondering if the next contract extension will go through when most don't whether you have done a great job or the worst job since your last extension. Heck, I got 5 extensions on my last contract I finished just weeks ago which is almost unheard of. Nevermind that I left on extremely good Terms, and could pull a reference out of every person on the team. The point is, it's not the actual wonder. Continue to learn and perform, and you will almost always earn. It's the removal of the need to wonder. It's just time is all.

It's time I begin to grow a career in a brand that will utilize me to my fullest potential, while I do things that help the team grow the company for many, many years to come, and not just help grow it for the life of a contract.