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Toppler™ Giving Up To 80% Of ALL Proceeds To Existing Donors Throughout December 2016!

Topplerâ„¢ Giving Up To 80% Of ALL Proceeds To Existing Donors Throughout December!

"Toppler™ is the World's First Ever Success Engine!™ Our goal is to ensure you can easily and privately manage the lists of things that make up your day-to-day life, while giving you optional ways to transform the products and/or services you offer into valuable resources that help others achieve, enhance your online profile to better position the things that make you unique, while equipping you with next generation social networking capabilities to rally others around your personal or business brand objectives on a massive scale! What's the best part? Toppler™ is FREE!"

Primary Overview

The purpose of this article is to describe a promotion that was created in early December, which aims at getting donors of Toppler™ some extra cash in their pockets for the holidays, and ahead of schedule.

The Christmas Gift From Toppler™ to YOU!

As many of you know, Toppler™ is 100% reliant on GoFundMe donations to survive! Most donors know how important donations were, and still are, since April of 2016. Whether it be $10 bucks or a $1,000 bucks, all support has been extremely appreciated. Moreover, with almost 2 months of not needing to raise funds of any kind thanks to our previous efforts, it's getting to be that time again! Funding is imperative to continue development and to cover the normal bills, and the hard work for the month is well underway! Conversely, things are a little different this month.

We all know that the Christmas season is all About giving! No matter what you believe in, what religion you come from, or what you look like, the act of giving this time of year is recognized worldwide as being an important thing most people should do. That's why Toppler™ wants to take up to 80% of all proceeds raised throughout December 2016, and give them to existing donors who obtained the "single" and "double" cash back rewards when donating during our promotions, held over the Spring & Summer months of 2016.

That's right! For a limited time, up to 80% of ALL proceeds raised throughout December of 2016, will be redirected to existing donors, just in time to give back to some of those people doing their late Christmas shopping!

In fact, these payback rewards in specific weren't even supposed to start until Phase 3, which is still way out there! This act is to show our supporters just how much we appreciate every bit of that support!

In Closing

Please visit our crowdfunding page on GoFundMe and show your support by donating just $10.00 or more, NOW! Be a part of the biggest thing happening since "What's Happening?"

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