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What Common Users and Near-Future-Employers Alike Can Expect From The 2021 Jason Silvestri Website

If you went to the www.jSilvestri.com website on or before Dec 21, 2016, you would have found a relatively decent, but rudimentary Visual Studios bootstrapped template of a placeholder website (shown in the figure below). The temp site was put up during the migration from GoDaddy servers to Microsoft Azure Cloud servers, back in April of 2016.

Primary Overview

This article briefly describes the history of jSilvestri.com from Feb 2016 to Dec 2016, and what to expect moving forward into 2021.

That Was Then And This Is Now

The placeholder website (shown above) looked nothing like the epic website that was previously showcasing existing proofs of works, past clients, and feature-enriched user interfaces, that common visitors and near-future-employers alike could visit and get a real good look into Jason Silvestri as a whole. In fact, back in August of 2016 when the older site was still up, the website alone was often times all the proof of skills Jason needed to land contracts and full-time roles. Don't get us wrong, the temp www.jSilvestri.com website was a responsive web design for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, and did utilize the latest web technologies, such as Asp.NET Core MVC/Razor, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL Server, Web API & AngularJS. It just wasn't the website it was or could have been. Moreover, the re-development of the site had to be back-burnered to save the Toppler™ Initiative.

More notably, you'd have to hunt around a little to find out that for the past 18+ years in the field, Jason has been developing sophisticated web applications & software for some of the best Fortune 500-5000 companies and startup companies in the business including, Toppler™, TripAdvisor, Dassault Systemes, Princess House, OpSec Security, MKS, NHL, NFL, Rovio (makers of Angry Birds), MIT Sloan, Harvard Business School, Invacare Supply Group, Zeta Interactive, Citizen Watch, Allergan (the makers of BOTOX™), American Family, Liberty Mutual, Subaru, STIHL, Cambridge Savings Bank, Union Bank, 21st Century Business & Life Cycle Solutions. Some of these clients are showcased on my website.

You'd also find that Jason has over 40 different web technologies, IDEs & Graphic/video designers under his belt, and has worked in the Aerospace & Defense, Anti-counterfeiting, Finance, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Medical Devices, Higher Education, PLM, Manufacturing, Social Media and Mainstream Media industry sectors since the start of his career.

These achievements were easily visible and showcased for the World to see back then. Now, they are once again!

Well, that is all to change! The Jason Silvestri 2022 website is here!

The New 2021 Jason Silvestri Website

The Jason Silvestri 2022 website is scheduled to launch just in time for the 2021 New Year (and did 10 days earlier than expected)!

The figure above does not do justice! The improvements out the door will be:

  • Much better former-client brand showcasing abilities.
  • Current and update-to-date posts, blog and feedback integration.
  • Testimonials will be more easily viewed.
  • Faster run times. Like, 1,200 times faster!
  • It will be much easier to contact Jason directly.
  • Of course, you will be able to visit the 2021 website on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Although www.jSilvestri.com was not expected to take new clients in 2021 (www.jSilvestri.com support was previously only available to full-time companies since Feb 2016), employers of all kinds, whether they are hiring contractors and full-time personnel, or looking for sole proprietor or C2C web solution architects, can now reach out to Jason any time to get a copy of his resume, review rates/pricing, as early as December 22, 2016.

In Closing

The www.jSilvestri.com temporary website is no more. With the new 2021 website now available to the public, hiring employers of all kinds can now take full advantage of the full spectrum of Jason Silvestri's services.

Updates Since Article Creation

The new 2021 www.jSilvestri.com website was not yet available when this article was first created. The article was modified significantly to remove the past tense of the topic.

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