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Explore jSilvestri.com BETA v 2024.4.0.1 Supports Multiple Devices & Layouts My name is, Jason Silvestri, a successful & well-known Solution Architect, Lead Sr., Web Software Engineer and Full-Stack .NET Developer, helping separate some of the World's most innovative Startups & Fortune 500s from their competition™.

Short of a "Rate Confirmation" & "Right to Represent", the purpose of this section of my mobile & web applications is to provide over 95% of a candidate’s most common occupation details a headhunter, recruiter, staffing firm agent or talent acquisition specialist expects from a candidate such as me.

Get my latest resume, full legal name, rates/salary demands, location & Relocation specifications, US Citizenship Status (Work Authorization), references to past proofs of work, and so much more!!!

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Talent Profile: Table of Contents:

⚠️ Introduction ⚠️

For BEST results, it is HIGHLY Recommended you read this Introduction section before any other section you find below.

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  • Download one of my 2024 Resume variants for the best, most up-to-date resume information I can offer.
  • Conduct comprehensive talent profiling by gathering essential candidate occupation details, ensuring coverage of over 95% across various sections below. Utilize the provided information to navigate through each section methodically.
  • If you lack the time for a thorough review of each section below (within 5 minutes or less), consider instantly generating a condensed Talent Profile in Word or PDF. This will encompass a streamlined version of all occupation details available on this page.
  • (Optional) I take working with headhunters, recruiters, staffing firms and/or talent acquisition specialists very seriously. See how I manage the process, using the “Jason Silvestri on the Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process” section.

Taking just 5 minutes or less now, guaranteed to save you hours - even days - trying to hunt me down for the same.

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Are you ON-the-Market & Available for Work?


Yes! As of , I am On-the-Market, still available to take on new work and currently accepting work offer solicitations!

More Importantly, I follow a strict set of On-the-Market & Off-the-Market Rules of Engagement.

See Rules of Engagement?

Get Jason's Latest 2024 Resume

I have several variants of my resume, here, in which headhunters, recruiters, staffing firm agents, talent acquisition specialists and/or potential employers alike can download based on their preferences.

Original 2024 Resume Slim (Recommended)

The Original 2024 Resume Slim is the same version as my OR version, but with a more traditional format; the resume is tailored (slimmed down) to make my resume about 3 pages lighter.

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Birth Date

Born in Jul, 1979. Will provide full birthday to the direct hiring employer.

Work Authorization (a.k.a., US Citizenship Status)

Verified US Citizen

Yes, I am a United States of America Citizen: Born & Raised.

Covid-19 Vaccination Status


As of Sept. 15, 2021, I am FULLY vaccinated against the Covid 19 (Coronavirus).

Read More on Covid-19?

Primary Social Networks

I have used a wide range of social media networks throughout the years, but the primary social media networks I use for business interactions are as follows:

Best Day/Evening Email Address

Best Email Addresses:

Best Time to Email:

  • Monday-Friday:
    8AM ET - 7PM ET
  • Saturday:
    11:45AM ET - 5PM ET

Current Response Time:

I am currently receiving a higher-than-usual volume of Email calls and emails, so it may take me 24-72 hours to respond to most people via Email.

See How to Get Blacklisted?

Best Day/Evening Phone Numbers

Best Phone Numbers:

Best Time to Call:

  • Monday-Friday:
    8AM ET - 7PM ET
  • Saturday:
    11:45AM ET - 5PM ET

Current Response Time:

I am currently receiving a higher-than-usual volume of phone calls and emails, so it may take me 3-6 hours to respond to most people via phone.

See How to Get Blacklisted?

Location Types

I have a history of extensive travel, spending prolonged periods on client sites or with the team, fostering strong interpersonal connections. Following such on-site engagements, I seamlessly transition back to remote work from the comfort of my home base, in the event the role calls for it.

  • On-Client-Site (a.k.a., On Site)
  • Remotely
  • Hybrid

Location & Relocation:

I will consider Travel & Relocation. See Location, Location, Relocation and Travel and Commute Constraints sections below for more details.

Location, Location, Relocation!

Optimal for me would be a position situated in close proximity to my current location, although I am certainly amenable to the possibility of traveling or relocating for the right opportunity.

Current Location:

  • Middleborough, Massachusetts


(Min $6K+ Relocation Package). I will relocate to:

  • San Diego, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Silicon Valley, California

Additional incentives may be necessary for any alternative location within the United States. However, it‘s important to note that relocation is not an absolute prerequisite. See, Travel and Commuting section below for more details.

Travel & Commute Constraints

Drawing from firsthand experience, I can affirm that I have minimal travel or commute restrictions. I am willing to undertake necessary travel and commuting for most roles, particularly in emergency situations, as long as the overall benefits align with the responsibilities outlined in agreements with a potential employer.

Travel Only:

This section assumes we are talking about a job opportunity that requires travel, and is not a relocation effort or local commute. For more details on Relocations, see Relocation section.

  • Will Travel? Yes
  • Nationally? More than or equal to 50%
  • Internationally? Depends on Opportunities

Local Commuting Only:

This section assumes we are talking about commuting only. I will commute to just about anywhere in the Massachusetts area and beyond.

See Recent Commutes?

Current Titles

It is not uncommon for me to hold one or more titles at a given company, due to my over 2 decades of experience, creating enterprise-level, multi-platform desktop, mobile & web software applications, and for some of the most innovative Startups & Fortune 500s in the World.

Official Titles:

My official title used today, here, with jSilvestri.com, is “Solution Architect & Lead, Sr. Full-Stack .NET Developer”.

Most Common Titles:

The titles you most often see companies throw on my name tags these days are as follows:

  • Lead, Sr. Web Software Engineer
  • Sr. Software Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Full-Stack .NET Developer

Titles I Will Consider:

There are other titles I would consider under unique circumstances...

Read More?

Desired Job Types/Positions

As indicated in the preceding section on Current Titles, it is not unusual for me to possess multiple titles within a particular company. Furthermore, it is equally common for fellow developers or staffing firms to casually include these titles on resumes, often without a comprehensive grasp of the significance of distinguishing between the various titles I frequently assume and the corresponding responsibilities associated with each title.

Foremost, I approach my roles with a profound sense of dedication when collaborating with companies. Equally crucial to me is ensuring that prospective employers comprehend the responsibilities I intend to undertake, rooted in the primary titles I employ in delivering my services.

Lead, Sr. Full-Stack .NET Developer:

  • Creative Design Development
  • Client-Side Development
  • Server-Side Development
  • Database Development

The tiers described above, consist of dozens of technologies I expect to implement as Lead, Sr. Full-Stack .NET Developer. To see ALL skills, technologies and design patterns I use today, see the section, entitled, "What Are Your Primary Skills, Tech Stacks & Years Experience?" below.

Solution Architect:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • System Design
  • Technology Selection
  • Code Review and Quality Assurance
  • Scalability and Performance Optimization
  • Security
  • Integration and Interoperability
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization
  • Risk Management

Frequently, I seamlessly integrate these roles, and it's worth noting that adjustments to rates and/or salary may be applied. See the section, entitled, "Current Hourly Rates & Salary Demands" section for more details.

Employment Types

I am looking for a potential client or employer who will allow me the pleasure of working with them as one of the following:

Most Common Employment Types I Support:

  • Freelancer Consultant
  • Contractor 1099
  • Contractor W2
  • Contractor-to-Perm
  • Direct-Higher Employee
  • C2C (i.e., Corp to Corp)
  • Sole (i.e., Sole Proprietorship)

Direct-Hire Preferences:

While not mandatory, I do have specific preferences regarding Contractor-to-Perm transitions, especially in the context of Direct-Hire positions.

Read More?

Hourly Rate & Salary Demands

When considering potential employer rates and/or salary, it's worth noting that the figures may vary depending on the location where I am required to perform duties. Nevertheless, I would like to provide you with my most recent Rates & Salary roles specific to Massachusetts.

Most Recent Full-Time Employee Type Rates & Salaries

The most recent Rates and/or Salary demands on Employers are as follows:


  • Employment Type: Full-Time Employee
  • Using Recruiters
  • $160K a year
  • 100% Benefits (yes, this is rare)
  • 3-6 Weeks Paid Vacation
  • Continues...

Contractor Rates:

  • Employment Type: W2 Contractor
  • Using Recruiters
  • $95 an hour
  • 0% Benefits
  • No Paid Vacation
  • Continues...

Most Recent Employment Type Contractor Rates

Most Recent Contractor Hourly Rates are as follows:

W2 Contractor Rate:

  • Employment Type: W2 Contractor
  • Using Recruiters
  • $95 an hour
  • Continues...

1099 Contractor Rate:

  • Employment Type: 1099 Contractor
  • Using Recruiters
  • $125 an hour
  • Continues...

Most Recent Clients' Employment Type Rates

It is important to mention that my primary focus at the moment is on collaborating with potential employers, rather than engaging with new or existing clients, and/or prospects seeking new business. Emergency situations are the only exception. With that said, the most Recent New & Existing Client Hourly Rates are as follows:

Existing Client Rate:

  • Employment Type: Existing Clients
  • Sole Proprietorship or C2C
  • $175 an hour
  • Continues...

New Client Rate:

  • Employment Type: New Clients
  • Sole Proprietorship or C2C
  • $275 an hour
  • Continues...

My Will to Negotiate:

I am open to negotiations and believe in ensuring that money never becomes a barrier to seizing a great opportunity, mutually beneficial to candidate and employer. In addition, kindly be aware that the information above is based on the assumption that a potential employer is seeking assistance with a project, using my most recent rates & salaries as projection attributes.

If you are a client or prospect with an emergency situation seeking information on my current rates, please visit the relevant section, current pricing at any time!

How to Best Handle Salary & Rate Confirmations

Before sending me a Rate Confirmation, please ensure that the rate specified is one we have previously agreed upon. This will streamline the process and avoid any confusion when I respond to the rate confirmation.

Best Way to Handle Rate Confirmation:

To ensure a smooth Rate or Salary Confirmation, please reach out to me online or via email with the subject line "Jason, Final Confirmation Needed". I give priority to messages with this title amid the numerous messages I receive daily.

Your Rights Representing Me

Exclusive Rights to Represent:

I never give any business Exclusive Rights to Represent me, in any way, shape or form. Instead, I agree to a Non-Exclusive Right to Represent, one-time, authorization of use, given any firm the right to represent me.

Read More on Non-Exclusive Right to Represent?

Best Way to Handle Right to Represent Confirmation:

To ensure a smooth Right to Represent Confirmation, please reach out to me online or via email with the subject line "Jason, Final Confirmation Needed". I give priority to messages with this title amid the numerous messages I receive daily.

Primary Objectives: Company Structure

The company structure I look for is that of a relatively stable environment, with an engaging philosophy, smart & collaborative teams, and a friendly-but-firm culture (although not a requirement). I’m completely outfitted, capable and competent to work in most environments, including “high pressure situations”, whether it be an On-Site, Remote or Hybrid setting, and regardless of travel-time, location, relocation, etc.

Skill Matrix: What Are Your Skills, Tech Stacks & Years‘ Experience?

I have more than 2 decades of experience, and over 40 different Desktop, Web & Mobile Technologies, IDEs, Skills, Design Patterns, Best Practices and Graphic/Video Designers under my belt. Moreover, I created this section so Headhunters, Recruiters, Staffing Firms, Talent Acquisition Specialists & Potential Employers can identify skills and my years experience.

Recent jSilvestri.com BETA v 2024.4.0.1 Technology Discovery

I feel it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve with what the newest technologies have to offer. I do my absolute best to make some discovery on skills, technologies & design patterns that complement new or existing projects.

Skill·Tech·Pattern Experience
Asp.NET Core 7-8 1 Yrs
Asp.NET Core 7-8 Blazor 1 Yrs
Boostrap Blazor 1 Yrs
Asp.NET Core 7-8 .NET MAUI 1 Yrs
OpenAPI 1 Yrs
Vue 1 Yrs
Node.JS 1 Yrs
React.JS 1 Yrs
gRPC (Remote Procedure Calls) 1 Yrs
Advanced A.I. Technologies 1 Yrs

Jason Silvestri Primary Skillsets

I consider primary skillsets a series of these skills, technologies, design patterns, best practices, and strategies that I use day-to-day, from project-to-project, and perform at no less than professional to expert level efficiency.

Skill·Tech·Pattern Experience
Azure Cloud Computing 10 Yrs
Asp.NET (C# 15 yrs. / VB 4 yrs.) which includes... 19 Yrs
∴ Classic Asp.NET... 1 Yrs
∴ Asp.NET 2.0 - Asp.NET 4.5... 12 Yrs
∴ Asp.NET Core 1 - Core 3.1.4... 3 Yrs
∴ Asp.NET Core 5 - Asp.NET Core 6.1.208 4 Yrs
Asp.NET Partial Views 7 Yrs
Asp.NET Components 2 Yrs
Asp.NET Web API 5 Yrs
Asp.NET MVC 5 Yrs
Bootstrap 9 Yrs
CSS 1-3 18 Yrs
Entity Framework 7 Yrs
LINQ 7 Yrs
JavaScript 10 Yrs
jQuery 5 Yrs
Ajax 5 Yrs
RESTful (JSON) 5 Yrs
MS SQL Server 14 Yrs

Jason Silvestri Secondary Skillsets

I consider secondary skills a series of these skills, technologies, design patterns, best practices, and strategies that are remarkably close to primary skillsets. In fact, some were once primary skills, but were demoted for one or more reasons, such as lack of supply-and-demand, technology, deprecation, not used in my most recent project(s), while others were simply explored enough yet to consider them less than professional to expert level efficiency.

Skill·Tech·Pattern Experience
Asp.NET MVC 5 Yrs
Asp.NET Web Forms 10 Yrs
AWS 2 Yrs
Asp.NET ADO.NET 11 Yrs
AngularJS 1/2 2 Yrs
ReactJS 1 Yrs
TypeScript 1 Yrs
npm 1 Yrs

Jason Silvestri Design Patterns & Best Practices

I consider Design Patterns & Best Practices a set of disciplines that I regularly practice aggressively, and across the board with most technologies. Most importantly, I feel they are crucial to an enterprise-level,  long-lasting, object-oriented & clean suite(s) of desktop, mobile & web applications and/or software.

Patterns · Practices Experience
C# (& Other Technologies) - Object Oriented Programming 8 Yrs
SPA Single Page Applications 2 Yrs
Application Development Standards & Implementation 8 Yrs
Responsive Web Design (i.e., Mobile Friendly), 8 Yrs
Parallax Web/Mobile Architecting 3 Yrs
Multi-threaded Applications 5 Yrs
SaaS 5 Yrs
PLM (Production Lifecycle Management) 20 Yrs
Solution Architect 10 Yrs
MS SQL Server Specific 1st, 2nd & 3rd Normal Form Database Architecting 14 Yrs

Jason Silvestri Past Skillsets

I consider past skills a series of skills, technologies & design patterns that certainly started me on my way to becoming a true Full Stack Developer & Solution Architect. Conversely, they are still skills, technologies & design patterns that I consider deprecated technologies with respect to my particular use of them. I no longer revisit for backwards compatibility purposes, nor do I really see myself taking on work, of any kind, using them.

Skill·Tech·Pattern Experience
Adobe Audition 1 Yrs
Adobe Dreamweaver 5 Yrs
Adobe Edge 1 Yrs
Adobe Flash 6 Yrs
Adobe Illustrator 1 Yrs
jQuery Mobile 1 Yrs
Phone Gap 1 Yrs
WCF (Windows Communications Foundation) 1 Yrs
WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) 1 Yrs
Silverlight 1 Yrs
SignalR (See Blazor) 1 Yrs
XAML (See Blazor) 2 Yrs
Java 3 Yrs
Oracle 3 Yrs
PHP 3 Yrs
Perl 4 Yrs
VB.NET 4 Yrs
Sharepoint 4 Yrs

Source Control

My primary forms of Source Control are as follows:

  • Git
  • DevOps (VSTS, Teams Foundation)

I do have past experience with TortoiseSVN.

Project Management (Scrum) Types

How teams handle Project Management Styles, Tasks and/or tickets vary. I am completely outfitted, capable and competent using the Project Management Styles that follows:

Project Management Styles:

  • Scrum (e.g, with actual Scrum Master)
  • Waterfall
  • Agile
  • PLM Tiles (a.k.a., Tiles™)

Full disclosure? The Agile Project Management Style, has consistently stood out as the preferred methodology in the realm of project management across the various teams I've collaborated with over the past several years.

Read More?

Project Tasks and/or Tickets:

With respects to task or ticket management, JIRA has been the most used across the board in recent years (no pun intended), but DevOps is on the rise, and I am surprised it is not more widely used in Visual Studio and/or Microsoft stacks in specific. It is a good option.

Last 4 Digits of my Social Security Number

Access Denied!

Regrettably, I cannot share sensitive information such as my last 4 digits of social security number for job applications. While many reputable companies request such details for initial candidate entries, I prefer to reserve this information for firms I trust implicitly. If necessary, I would be open to sharing during the later stages of the hiring process, specifically during the background check phase. Let's explore alternative methods to proceed.

Obtaining My References (Rules of Engagement)

Guaranteed 2-3 References

I possess a comprehensive array of references spanning virtually every job or project I've been involved in. Beyond merely delivering quality work, there's a specific rationale behind this approach. I refrain from indiscriminately sharing references to populate lead lists. Instead, I reserve the disclosure of references until the final stages of the interview process. This practice is rooted in my commitment to honoring the time, privacy, and policies of my references while maintaining the privilege of utilizing their insights judiciously.

Background Checks & Drug Tests

Verified: Will Do Checks & Tests!

The majority of my work falls within the realms of classification, HIPAA compliance, or other highly regulated frameworks. I am open to undergoing any necessary background checks or drug tests as required.

Do You Have a Security Clearance?

I will not confirm nor deny whether I have an active security clearance, and/or currently seeking security clearance level projects at this time.

This is, of course, assuming you are referring to one of the following publicly known security clearances:

I am completely outfitted, capable and competent to work:

  • Controlled Unclassified
  • Public Trust Position
  • Confidential
  • Secret
  • Top Secret
  • Compartmented
  • Cosmic

Interviews: Phone Screens, F2F Interviews & Estimates

I will go on as many interviews, phone screens or even estimate phone calls with potential clients or employers, free of charge, and at a preferred time that is best for them.

Perform Phone Screen Interview:

Performing a phone screen interview consists of an interview with one or more individuals via phone. This often requires a follow up of one or more of the other interview types later; that is if the client is impressed with the initial phone screen. It is rare a phone screen is the only interview option asked of me, but I have nailed interviews in the past with a single phone call before.

Earliest Availability:
24 hrs

Perform Screen Share Interview:

Performing a screen share interview always involves an interview with one or more individuals with an additional screen sharing technology incorporated into the interview process; Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom and/or Skype are potential platforms.

Earliest Availability:
24 hrs

Perform Face to Face Interview:

Performing a Face to Face (F2F) interview involves an interview with one or more individuals on-site with the client. I prefer the F2F approach over all others for several reasons. However, one of the other types tends to be the initial choice of the client, first. Then, F2F.

Earliest Availability:
48-72 hrs

Interview Do’s and Don’ts:

As we all know, a lot can go on in an interview. In fact, I embrace most activities, and I am open to most things.

Interview Do's:

My Primary Interview Do's are as follows:

  • Meet Whenever is Best for the Client: I almost always prefer to do interviews whenever is best for the client.
  • Interview with Multiple People: I have no problem doing interviews with one or more people. In fact, I encourage we have as many people in the interview that should be there, and for all the right reasons. Even if it means waiting to a later date to ensure it so.
  • A Million Questions: I have no problem answering hours worth of questions if the interview or position calls for it.
  • Walking Through Code: I have no problem walking through my personal codebase with the client's developers, or if they want to open up their codebase, as I am asked to explain what we are looking at with this area of the application(s) or that area of the application(s).
  • Homework Developments: I have no problem being asked to create an application, based on sample business requirements, and then submit the code logic for review.

Interview Don’ts:

My Primary Interview Don’ts are as follows:

  • Client Proprietary Works: Unless there is written NDA, I do not want to view or demo Client Proprietary works of any kind(mine or yours).
  • Surprise Code Tests: I do not do, nor appreciate, surprise code tests on the fly(of any kind). Nor do I want to see a client's developer(s) be put on the spot and asked to code test me on the fly without their knowledge ahead of time.

    In both scenarios, a multitude of potential challenges emerges from the outset. To begin with, the mere fact that your developers frequently utilize a specific technology or design pattern does not necessarily align with my recent experiences. As a .NET Full Stack Developer, my responsibilities often involve swiftly transitioning between distinct project features, dedicating extended periods to singular tasks. This intense focus is essential for effective code creation. Placing either party in a situation where spontaneous coding is expected might yield unforeseen outcomes, potentially prematurely concluding an interview. In such cases, the true compatibility between the candidate and the organization may be overlooked, resulting in losses for both parties.

Start Dates: When Can You Start?

I assume the following when asked about Start Dates:

  • I have already been on all interviews,
  • The client or employer gave me an offer,
  • and I accepted that offer.

Earliest Start Date:

Immediately (approximately 24 hrs)

Where are You at with the Hiring Process?

My door for new opportunities is closing. Please refer to the Are you ON-the-Market/Available for Work?! section for more details.

How Does Jason Feel About Working with Headhunters, Recruiters, Staffing Firms & Talent Acquisition Specialists?

jSilvestri.com BETA v 2024.4.0.1 - Figure 1.1 - NEW Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process
I take working with Headhunters, Recruiting Teams, Staffing Firms & Talent Acquisition Specialists very seriously. In fact, if you wonder how it is possible to manually process over 60,000 work offer solicitations, across a span of just the past year without going nuts, it is because of the following process:

I've recently developed a detailed lifecycle process called the "Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process." This comprehensive framework encompasses various sophisticated workflow states, each corresponding to specific actions and steps involved in my interactions with headhunters, recruiters, staffing firms, and talent acquisition specialists.

The process begins when I become "On-the-Market" and continues until I accept a "Final Offer Letter" from one of their clients or, in rare instances, directly from the potential employer. This lifecycle is an extension of my custom Lead Generation Lifecycle Process (LGLP), serving as a testament to my commitment and seriousness about the entire recruitment process when communicating with recruiters and potential employers.

Please visit the section of my web-mobile application, entitled, “ Jason Silvestri on the Talent Acquisition to Final Offer Lifecycle Process” for more details.

Irrelevant Roles are Hurting Your Role Placement & My Response Time

In addition, if you want to help reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to the average person, please pass this section around to your colleagues: Irrelevant Roles: How It's Affecting Role Placement & Response Time.

Irrelevant Roles: How They're Affecting Role Placement & Response Time

Surprisingly, a significant portion of the emails, job board messages, and social media inquiries I receive—over 93%—relate to job offers. However, a staggering 90% of these roles are either unrelated to my skill set or are located in areas I am not currently open to relocating to, especially given my Salary/Rate and relocation package preferences. This discrepancy wouldn't be an issue if my experience wasn't in high demand or if I lacked skills in sought-after sectors. Unfortunately, neither is the case.

The core problem lies in certain recruiters and talent acquisition specialists not conducting sufficient discovery on my profile or failing to appropriately match candidates with job requirements before reaching out. This situation is unfair to those hardworking specialists who diligently make relevant pairings. Moreover, it hinders my ability to focus on firms presenting suitable roles, which is the main reason for creating this page.

I kindly request recruiters and talent acquisition specialists to invest some time in researching potential candidates before sending out requirements. Whether it's me or someone else next time, this approach will help reduce unnecessary noise and enhance collaboration with specialists in your field.

Existing Clients

I have wrapped up most client obligations for 2022, 2023 & 2024. At the same time, though, I know some of you will continue to need support until we conclude the latest efforts in the automation of your business workflows and lifecycle processes, discovery of new technologies, etc. I will continue to help when I can while I am On-the-Market. Conversely, this will drastically change when I am Off-the-Market. In fact, I follow a strict set of On-the-Market & Off-the-Market Rules of Engagement.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me when you are ready and need assistance.


I am not currently investing in any type of paid advertising. However, it is possible that you found me through some form of an old advert. Maybe I was recommended to you by a friend. It could be that you simply saw a post on LinkedIn or Twitter. However you found me, I certainly appreciate the visit and welcome to my brand new jsilvestri.com BETA v 2024 web and mobile application user experiences!

Conversely, it's important to mention that my primary focus at the moment is on collaborating with potential employers, rather than engaging with new or existing clients, and/or prospects seeking new business. The only exception is if you have an emergency situation.

In fact, I have a very particular target job type right now. To learn more, see the Desired Job Types/Positions & Current Titles section on this page. Otherwise, feel free to review my current pricing for help on those smaller projects.

Direct-Hire Employers

If you are a Hiring Manager or HR Representative requesting additional occupation details from me and/or have feedback on a phone screen or interview I recently had with your company, please know that you have already been bumped up to the top of my call back list by default! I will be reaching back out to you sooner than everyone else.

If this is the first time you are contacting me, please feel free to contact me directly at any time!

In Closing

I am going to continue updating this section to ensure the most up-to-date information is available to the headhunters, recruiters, staffing firms, talent acquisition specialists & potential employers that use this section to get the latest information about me.

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